For the very first time, the PHOTOCAT database is directly available to virtually any UFO buff. All the basic data of each  Italian case with alleged photo or video evidence can now be browsed, sorted and filtered on the fly. Just from your home!

The database is currently under updating and will be soon offered in a much expanded version. Please be patient during loading: there is a lot of stuff to download!

For each case you can have a look at the related picture in low resolution too. Higher quality images (including complete sets, where available) will be offered in the future to UFO ONLINE registered users only.

If you have already the entrance password, click the button below, otherwise follow the directions to require the password.


How to require a Password

Send an e-mail with a click, adding in the text body your full name, address and town.

Doing so you'll accept UFO ONLINE will keep a listing with your personal for management and statistical use only. More, you'll be entitled to receive regular announcements from UFO ONLINE.

Usually in 24-36 hours you'll receive your personal password to access this database.

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In order to manage the database at its best:
  • select one database field from the "SORT" drop-down menu: the database will be automatically sorted just on that field.
  • select from the "INDEX" drop-down menu the data field you want to filter. Then type in the "SEARCH" box what you are looking for and finally click on the "SEARCH INDEX" button. Example: select "Kind" and type "NL" in order to find all cases labeled as "Nocturnal Lights". This will allow you to get a precise filter.
  • if you operate as above but click on the "SEARCH ALL" button you'll get a more generic filtering action, finding many more entries but at a lower speed. Example: if you have selected "Date" as search field and typed "54", when you click on the "SEARCH ALL" button you'll retrieve all cases happened in 1954 (the date field is always in the format. YYMMDD): we realized, anyway, the function is not always much precise, so you may get all 1954 cases plus others taken place in other years.
  • click on the "SHOW ALL" button if you want to display and manage all the database entries, after a filter.
  • the navigation buttons in the upper left part of the window allow you to move through the database records.
  • in the upper right part of the window there is a Filter box: double click on one of the available items and you'll get automatically a filter.
  • click on the eventual image field of each record: the related low resolution picture will be displayed. Leave the image window open: the next picture will be loaded faster!