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UFO ONLINE has selected several titles offering good or excellent contents, usually far away from unsubstantiated evidence or unbalanced views. These titles are a must for the library of any serious UFO researcher or buff. If you trust UFO ONLINE, they are the best choice for your UFO book-shopping!

UFO BooksOne of the most common problems among all the people interested in the subject of UFOs is the availability of good sources. Finding UFO books and/or videotapes is often a difficult task for most people living far from large cities featuring large bookstores or dedicated bookshops. Non-US UFO buffs and researchers share the same problem, as most of the current literature about the subject is produced in the United States of America.

Internet may be a really valuable tool to solve such a problem and make English-language books and videotapes available easily, quickly and - last but not least - cheaply. In association with Amazon, world leader of on-line book selling (more than 3 million titles currently on stock), UFO ONLINE is really proud to announce a new service to its ever growing visitors: "Selected UFO Books & Videotapes".

We don't sell anything, Amazon does that. We only select titles with sufficient or good/excellent quality and show them to you (along with covers and remarks, where available) in order to suggest you a guide for your library or collection of UFO literature. We have done the work for you! Simply choose your favourite title, click on the related link, see more info and put it in your shopping cart: then click twice on the "Back" button on your browser to resume your listing in our "Selected UFO Books & Videotapes", choose the next title and repeat the cycle.

After adding the last title to your shopping cart, you may proceed to checkout: choose where to ship, select a possible gift paper and give your credit card number through a reliable secure server, so that you know that your credit card data cannot be stolen. Amazon offers most of the titles at really discounted rates (even 30 or 40%!) and even helps you to get rare or hard-to-find titles. In such a case you'll be notified by e-mail about the search success and the cost of the found items: fast, simple and efficient.

Now you have a real chance to receive directly at your front door the latest books or even many of those you have never been able to find. The UFO ONLINE  "Selected UFO Books & Videotapes" section will be updated regularly to provide you with fresh suggestions. You'll find also a tool to run direct searches on the huge Amazon catalogue, just to find special interest titles or UFO books we don't feel to suggest you, but anyway of possible interest for your own collection.

Attention! Book covers displayed in the next pages may sometimes refer to an edition different from the currently available one.

If you want to look for books about other subjects or for a complete unselected listing of UFO-related books, you may try by yourself a search through the Amazon.com 3-million volumes catalogue. Type one or more keywords in the left box (you can even look for music titles!) and click on the "Search" button. That's all. Anyway, for the best service follow the UFO ONLINE links below and above ....

.... and if you want to ship anywhere in the world the books you ordered as a gift, Amazon.com offers gift-wrapping and lets you add gift messages. A great idea for anydoby seriously interested in UFOs and related subjects.

So, what to do next? Select the first page of our "Selected UFO Books & Videotapes" section and .. good luck to find the books and videotapes you have been looking for! Or alternatively go to the brand new fully-searchable UFO Book Database.

New Book Database Now available a 240+ UFO book database fully searchable by Author, Title and Price! Make your favourite selection, then go to the book details page at Amazon and order it with outstanding discounts! A real UFO bonanza for everybody needing good Books at good Prices!!

Try also our selection of UFO VIDEOTAPES (including audio tapes, CD-ROMs and DVDs)!

Looking for more titles about Ancient Astronauts, Crop Circles, Free Energy, Faces on Mars, Urban Legends and Rare Natural Phenomena?

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Have you your own UFO book or booklet and you want to reach UFO buffs in all over the world: contact us! UFO ONLINE could help you to introduce your work on the Net!

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