Click on the Picture
to enter the UFO Book Database!

When getting the Database window, please double-click on the link next to the Title just to go to the Amazon book page with more details and possible book review. Then you will have a chance to place it into your own Shopping Cart at Amazon!

Don't forget the "Rec" column highlights with a "x" those books which have been recommended by UFO ONLINE.

In order to manage the database at its best:
  • select one database field from the "SORT" drop-down menu: the database will be automatically sorted just on that field.
  • select from the "INDEX" drop-down menu the data field you want to filter. Then type in the "SEARCH" box what you are looking for and finally click on the "SEARCH INDEX" button. Example: select "Author" and type "Randles" in order to find all the books by Jenny Randles. This will allow you to get a precise filter.
  • if you operate as above but click on the "SEARCH ALL" button you'll get a more generic filtering action, finding many more entries but at a lower speed. This is useful when you need a broader search. Example: if you have selected "Author" as index field and typed "ran", when you click on the "SEARCH ALL" button you'll retrieve all the books where the author's name include the "ran" sequence.
  • click on the "SHOW ALL" button if you want to display and manage all the database entries, after a filter.
  • the navigation buttons in the upper left part of the window allow you to move through the database records.
  • in the upper right part of the window there is a Filter box: double click on one of the available Authors and you'll get automatically a filter applied after it.