Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici


The Italian Center for UFO Studies (C.I.S.U.) is a private association made of more than 400 members interested to the UFO question and devoting to it their own spare time.

Main goals of the Center are the promotion of scientific study about the UFO phenomenon, help the UFO-related information circulation, coordinate the collection of UFO witness reports, as well as the study of the phenomenon and the serious spreading of acquired data and knowledges.


Investigations carried out by CISU members follow a suitable methodology aimed to the collection of as many information as possible about the reported phenomenon. They become reports being the real background for any following study and analysis.

The archiving activities are oriented to the collection, preservation and filing of all the documents related to the UFO phenomenon and ufology: investigation reports, newsclippings, research papers, scientific papers of possible interest for UFO research, UFO mags and books from Italy and abroad. All the CISU archives make the so-called "Banca Dati Ufologica" (UFO Data Bank), fully accessible to all researchers and buffs: a large part of it is currently managed by a network of personal computers.

CISU study activities involve analysis and evaluation of collected data, just in order to find an identification for the causes of each sighting. Comparisons of cases and statistical analyses aimed at the discovery of costants useful to process therotical models are regularly carried out along the scientific method.

Even not so much important as the real UFO research, activities involving the presentation of the UFO question to the general public see the Italian Center for UFO Studies as the main actor on the Italian scene. Conferences, lectures, congresses, radio and TV broadcastings, press articles and interviews are usually carried out by several members of the Center all over the country.

Most works produced by CISU members come from both the Center's main headquarters and the local branches scattered in all the Italian provinces.

The Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici produces a nice UFO magazine called "UFO - Rivista di Informazione Ufologica", professionally published twice a year and distributed on subscription or through the most important Italian bookshops. Such international leading magazine presents investigation reports, analyses and comments about whatever related to UFOs in Italy and abroad. The Center is anyway very active in the UFO press: several newsletters, bulletins, monographies and even books are regularly published and offered to the membership in order to let anyone be richly informed about a large range of UFO-related subjects.

One of the most recent activities of CISU has been the establishment of UFOTEL you may connect the related page on (see the complete set of them at the CISU ON LINE site): dialing +39-11-545294 and paying only the due toll, one may hear a two-minute weekly updated summary about the latest Italian UFO sightings, current investigations and the most important events, in Italy and abroad, about UFOs and UFO research.

More info about the Italian Center for UFO Studies and its activities may be requested at its foreign liasion office:

corso Vittorio Emanuele 108

For further quick information you may drop a message to CISU!

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