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In this section you will find pages loaded with selected items (books, publications, videotapes, CD ROM, artworks, merchandise) really interesting for each UFO collector. It is a selection of difficult-to-find stuff coming from international sources: here you have a chance to find it at your fingertips and, whenever possible, to order it.

UFO ONLINE evaluates all of these items and when they are really worth of attention (even though not supporting them or agreeing with the ideas behind them), it offers them to the attention of his visitors. Here you may find full references to receive further information or to get in touch directly with the related vendors. UFO ONLINE is only a link to provide a service to its visitors.

Comments from visitors are welcome in order to appreciate their interest or eventual disagreement about this new section. Please mail here.


Hand painted pure silk necktie with UFO artwork
d Videos: "The UFO Diaries" A new series of UFO and UFO- related videotapes, including several dramatized events played by actors.
d UFO Artworks A gallery of professional UFO-related artworks, really great under a visual point of view.
A gorgeous pure silk necktie, hand painted with an exclusive UFO artwork designed by Italian painter Giorgio Giorgi.
An oustanding gift and/or collectible item, numbered and supplied with a Certifcate.
This great necktie may be ordered only through Internet.
For more details please click on the neckties image above. To order the exclusive UFO necktie - available in a limited quantity - just follow this link.

Greetings from Earth

Have a look at the nice collection of the "Greetings from Earth" cards ! Great gift idea.
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