The Largest Collection of UFO and UFO-related Links




CISU ON-LINE the Site of the Italian Center for UFO Studies, in Italian with English section
Alien On Line selection of images and Roswell footage movie, from an Italian site
Linked Ufology Italian-language site only with links to other international sites and related documents
Short Page of UFO Links a short page with some international UFO links
Another Italian UFO Page a page managed by an Italian UFO buff
UFO Discussions a forum about UFO-related subjects, in Italian
AUS Page Page from a South Italy local group, with international UFO links. In Italian
Paranormale e U.F.O. Italian page with sites about paranormal & UFOs
UFO Phenomena Italian mirror of Spirit site
OMNIBUS-Informazioni Some info, nice graphics and links page from UFO ONLINE
COOP COSMO Contactee messages from Ashtar, Adionesis and others channeled by Anna Federighi. In English
The Paranormal Times UFO site with a few articles, in Italian
UFO Site Page with miscellanous UFO information from the Net
Nonsiamosoli Site of a religion-oriented contactee group
CAU Site A local Italian UFO group now on the Net.



SPI Site a serious Scottish UFO Group offers a quantity of good information
BUFORA On-Line the Homepage of the British UFO Research Association
Links Page Hotlinks to UFO, Paranormal and Astronomy sites
Steve Gamble's UFO Page The page of BUFORA Research Director.
International Committee for UFO Research International Committee for UFO Research.
Guide to UFO resources A catalogue of the best UFO resources on the net and other places
Flying Saucer Review The historical UFO Review now on the Web !
Wil's Damn Homepage information regarding Flying Saucer Review and activities of Scottish group SPI
UFO Archive English site with AVI files and a few documents
UFO Theories UFO theories, conspiracies, skepticism, UFO sightings sorted by kind: interesting
Mike Wootten's Page document from BUFORA expert M.Wootten, links included
UFO UK site of the UFO UK Mailing List, good
James Easton's Page Nice site loaded with plenty of interesting stuff: pictures, links, UFO groups, etc ... plus a lot of articles and an impressive FAQ about the "Roswell Autopsy"
The Ultimate Ufologist WWW Page UFO pictures, books, cases, theories, links and a comprehensive who's who in ufology
IRCUP Page Site of the UK group IRCUP with links, crop circles, pictures and ORTK Britain
BUFORA 1995 International UFO Congress An alternative caustic view at the BUFORA 8th International UFO Congress
UFO - The FAQ  
Ray Santilli Site The man of the "Roswell Autopsy Footage" on the Net with his products ... !
Stuart's Photo File Large library of Crop Circle records and Photos, 1979-1995, plus papers/listings
United Kingdom UFO Network  
ENCOUNTERS Magazine Encounters is the new paranormal magazine from paragon publishing house
The X-Files Watch the Sky's! The new third series - get the brief from here
International Committee for UFO Research  
Crop Circle Connector Database of UK crop circles, including a lot of photos
Little Green Men UFO Newsdesk  
Crop Watcher Magazine The Crop Circle newsletter edited by Paul Fuller
Ian Read UFO Page  


Galaktisk Informasjons Service site in Norvegian/English with plenty of images, text documents and FTP photos
Galaktisk Informasjons Service as previous, but with direct access to the English version
Pleiades Project mainly about Meier case, sister site of next "UFO The Pleiades Project"
UFO-Rogaland Norvegian site with plenty of pictures, crop circles and a lot of Meier stuff
UFO-Norway English version. Page Index2 offer a shareware copy of *U*, large UFO database
The UFO-Norway Page Norvegian site including stuff about Hessdalen phenomena, plus addresses and links
UFO Skeptics  
Tom Erland Sveen's X Files and UFO Related Home Page IT SEEMS NOT ACTIVE
Norwegian Center for Cosmic Awareness  
Kjetil Kjernsmos articles A Norvegian skeptical student about Roswell and other UFO topics

Suomen Ufotutkijat in Finnish The official page of UFO Research of Finland (UFORF)
The Finish UFO Research Sami Laitala's UFO page, also UFORF info in English.
Tapio Äyräväinen Page Home page of the vice-chariman of UFORF (in Finnish)
Jarmo's UFO Links Several links listed
UFOT - Avaruuden Nomadit -seminaari UFO sightings, in Finnish
UFO resources on the Net Reference to various sites, groups and other news
Mesaka UFO Finnish site ETH-oriented with form to report UFO sightings
Kari Kuure's homepage Finnish skeptical site with links, news, and science fiction as well
Harri Toikka's homepage IT SEEMS NOT ACTIVE
UFOT-Avaruuden Nomadit Essentially links to other sites

The UFOclopedia! A real on-line UFO Encyclopedia, including hypertext link to some special subjects
NARKONTAKT English version of a new UFO magazine: articles, pictures, links. Nice graphics and great contents.
A Student's UFO Page A few articles in English langauge
UFO Sweden Outline of the national organization, links and articles under a critical perspective: good
UFO Sweden Outline of the national organization, links and articles under a critical perspective: good
UFO Dictionary An Almost usefull dixtionary of ufo terms
Swedish 1946 Ghost Rockets Documents and pictures about the 1946 ghost rockets. Interesting, yet in Swedish !

French UFO Site ORTK Bulletin back issues and something else
Les OVNI vu par Fred Only a couple of links !
OVNI Home Page Probably now defuncted due to server availability problems, hopefully back soon !
UFOVNI_NET Nord Page of a regional French UFO Group
UFOVNI_NET Sud Page of a regional French UFO Group
Les OVNI's par LeS oUrS  
Ésotérisme Expérimental  



UFO Fakes how easy it is to fake UFOs: long article from The Netherlands
The Society for Scientific Exploration  
Another Alien ? An Asian mag shows pictures of a new alien: another hoax ?
UFO'S Pictures and animations about UFOs
Science, Logic, and the UFO Debate Articles, academic papers about UFOs and discussions.
UFO Detection UFO detection techniques, MUFON field investigator and ... seismic Exploration
Silicon Wizard's UFO Files  
UFO Database: UFO and Atlantis dreams, go UFO, go clean... The Webmaster says to be "...a researcher-writer and enjoy collecting technical dreams about UFO's and ancient technology"

MPEG Roswell Movie again on the Roswell footage
MUFON CES The Central Europe section of MUFON, based in Munich
UFO-NEWS, Documente des Santiner-Kreises-Berlin A server for publications on UFOs and contactee scripts of Ashtar Sheran in German language

MAS ALLA A Spanish UFO Page
Centro de Estudios Interplanetarios Very good site of the historical Spanish group CEI, including a lot of info and several illustrated articles taken from the Center's pubblications, as well as links
Punto de Encuentro OVNI Nice Spanish site with links and other general and local articles
Desclasificado Back issues of a UFO Newsletter plus articles
EPC UFO Home Page Spanish and international links
OVNIs Page of the Mailing List OVNIs in Spanish language.
OVNIS en Internet Personal page with news about UFO sightings
Hay alguien ahi fuera? UFO sightings and maps showing location of latest cases
 Conexiòn OVNI  ????
Ricardo Campo's Page Personal UFO page of a Spanish buff



Roswell Again on the Roswell footage, from Belgium
SOS OVNI Belgium Belgium site of the SOS OVNI French-language chain of UFO organizations, including links and an investigation report form
Die UFO-Informationsseite New Age site with UFO links, sightings, Roswell, books. From Austria
Slovakian UFO Site Dzurik's Information regarding ufo and aliens: a site loaded with a lot of UFO and UFO related stuff
Ultimate UFO Page Site managed by H.P. Nielsen, from Denmark
SUFOI Homepage The site of the Danish national research group SUFOI
MUFOR Site Nice large site offering good info about the UFO scene in Malta, including Moon/Mars artifacts
UFO point of view Danish site
CNIFO Home Page The page of the Portoguese national UFO center CNIFO, with its history, several articles, local cases and excerpts from their yearly magazine
U*F*O* Portoguese Site with links to Roswell pages and Varginha case (Brazil)
Russian UFO Page Based on an American server and updated by an US group
Alien Autopsy Site Hungarian site about the infamous "alien autopsy"

LINKS to other UFO and UFO-related SITES


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