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Last Update: January 5, 1998


puntoMost images have been optimized for lower bandwidth. New graphics in most pages, now including the UFO ONLINE banner.  Better display of text files. punto EXCEPTIONAL! New fully interactive databases are now available. You may browse, sort and filter through Italian close encounters, trace cases and photographic events.
puntoUFO Links have been even more expanded, updated and splitted into different sections sorted by Country. puntoThe collector page has been improved with new additions: see the "Greetings from Earth" section.
puntoThe latest issue (20) of "UFO - Rivista di Informazione Ufologica", one of the best UFO magazines worldwide, is now on-line. puntoAnother new great database is offered for free to UFO ONLINE visitors: our worldwide-famous selection of commented UFO links!
puntoUFOLINK is an attempt to introduce a selection of UFO documents currently available on the Net and featuring a special interest in some intringuing subjects. punto The complete bibliography of Italian UFO books and related color front cover has been updated.
punto If you read Italian, you may appreciate the new illustrated catalogues of Italian close encounters and trace cases, just taken from the related printed Monographies. punto New text documents in English and other languages have been added to our large stock. Try the new titles we have carefully selected!
puntoGREAT! A new automatic gallery of Italian UFO pictures is now available. Have a look at more than 30 dazzing examples of alleged UFO documents. puntoNew listings of sightings taken place in Italian regions are now online, including short abstracts for each of them.
puntoInterested in the fascinating but likely legendary "UFO/Nazi connection" ? Go to our new bibliography, including full reference also to German secret weapons of World War II.  



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