Welcome to the UFO ONLINE databases !
You have now at your fingertips the power of a database query just to find out the UFO sightings you are looking for.

Some databases are password-protected and you'll be requested to ask for a password, supplying your personal data (used for UFO ONLINE statistics and communication only). Require the password once for all databases.

ITACAT Catalogue of Italian close encounters (see also the related section and listing)
TRACAT Catalogue of Italian trace cases (see also the related section and listing)
Even though mainly devoted to Italy, these databases deliver a terrific amount of raw basic data. We are working to join the currently available data with even more information, namely images and case summaries. PHOTOCAT Catalogue of Italian photo cases (see also the related section and listing)
UFO SIGHTINGS Catalogue of all-type Italian UFO sightings (see also the related section)
In a short time what originally intended for the production of an advanced multimedia CD-ROM will be available directly on-line. Stay tuned to UFO ONLINE ! INTPHOTO Catalogue of international photo cases (see also the related section)
IMAGE BANK Catalogue of international UFO and UFO-related artworks (see also the related section)


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