TRACAT is the Italian catalogue of trace cases, the special events where permanent physical traces on ground and/or vegetation have been found, usually after a UFO sighting.

The TRACAT Project started up in 1980 and it has been collecting a large documentation about nearly all the trace cases happened in Italy between the '20s and 1998. Over 250 events have been filed after several sources,  mostly offering a quite low information quality.

Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici (C.I.S.U., Italian Center for UFO Studies) published two editions of the TRACAT catalog in its series of monographs named "Documenti UFO". The very last edition (1994) includes a large selection of sketches, pictures and newsclipping images related to each reported case.

A fully-searchable database including all the basic data for each case is now on-line to allow any kind of query.

A few articles devoted to a discussion about the so-called "physical evidence" may be found in the documents section of UFO ONLINE.

There have been some studies and catalogs dealing with trace cases: here you may find a bibliography. Maurizio Verga, the author of UFO ONLINE, wrote some articles about the same subject (see biblio references), emphasizing the need for a careful search of all possible causes of alleged UFO traces found on ground.

About 40% of all collected cases involves incidents where ground traces have been found without any direct association with a UFO sighting. They are usually taken into consideration just because of their likeness with traces actually found after a reported UFO sighting. Most of the very well-known "crop circles" discovered in crop fields in England since the early eighties may be included into such a category. The association of all of such incidents with the UFO phenomenon has always been a subject of discussion and controversy. Now, for the very first time, the original Monography "TRACAT - Catalogo Italiano dei Casi con Tracce" (Italian Catalog of Trace Cases) is available on-line.

Including pictures and sketches, it is splitted in some sections sorted by time and offers an incredible amount of data and info about all the Italian cases involving alleged "physical evidence" left by anomalous aerial phenomena. Cases involving the discovery of physical traces without any earlier sighting of UFO phenomena have been included too.

Besides a large range of conventional and natural phenomena able to leave damages or strange-looking effects on soil and vegetation, there are some really puzzling trace cases. Well investigated events, where traces have been analyzed by competent non-UFO experts after a reasonably short time following the discovery, are few, but worth of maximum attention. Analyses (really serious and trustworthy ones we mean!) never told us of an extraterrestrial mineral or metal or something not of this world, yet they delivered the information that something pretty strange happened. This is a very important starting point, a reason enough to promote further investigation to find out what is the cause of the reported traces.

Traces are one of the very rare aspects of the UFO phenomena that you can measure after the event. Thorough analysis is required by indipendent and competent researchers using suitable facilities. This is something difficult to reach for most UFO groups and researchers worldwide, so good trace investigations are quite a rare stuff in ufology. Most of times unqualified laboratories are involved just because cheap or, more likely, because having a friend or even an ufologist as an employee! In such cases, the quality of results must be carefully evaluated.

Faking a trace is a pretty easy task (exposing it by a severe investigation and laboratory analysis is quite simple anyway) and allow pranksters to come up with an oustanding story supported by an oustanding proof: a trace! Burnings, ground marks and damages on grass and trees are some of the most common faked traces.



Tabella con foto principali tipi di tracce italiane con descrizione!

Geographical distribution of cases involving "physical evidence" taken place in Italy (updated to 1994)