Artist conception of a (hoxed) UFO picture cases in 1962PHOTOCAT is the catalog of the Italian cases featuring video or photo evidence, something often considered to be an ultimate proof of what has been perceived by witnesses. Actually this is a very questionable and thin evidence, mostly made by hoaxes and highly unconvincing documents. The PHOTOCAT Project started up in 1992: it has been collecting nearly all the available documentation of Italian photo cases happened between 1948 and 1998. The catalog now counts about 700 entries coming from a wide range of sources: unfortunately, their information quality is usually quite low. All the available pictures (now in excess of 640) have been scanned  and stored in standard file formats. A comprehensive database in MS Access format has been established with the basic data of each case and all of its scanned photographs. About one quarter of all cases refers to events where the photographer claimed no visible strange phenomenon when he took the picture. Only after film development he realized about the odd picture. Looking at these cases you may find a high number of photo defects (lens flares, development problems, scratches on the film, etc .....), most of them usually easily detectable. PHOTOCAT has a special section just devoted to the collection and later evaluation of these "special" photos. They are a valuable cross-checking tool against supposedly "genuine" UFO pictures.
Our early selection of Italian UFO pictures offers a generous quantity of low and medium resolution images, including date and place.

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A fully-searchable database including all the basic data for each case and all the available low-resolution pictures is now available! Have a look! Not enough ? Try on the left the new automatic presentation of 25 Italian UFO pictures.

Please remind most available photo documents offer a low quality and - above all - a quite low reliability. Faking a purported UFO picture is so easy that most researchers consider the photographic evidence nothing more than an oddity. There are literally thousands of pictures arouns claiming to be the visual proof of UFOs. Only very few of them can be seriously taken into consideration for some form of in-depth analysis and even less remains fully unexplained. One example of great work of such a kind is the impressive study by Win van Utrecht and Frits van der Veldt "Unidentified Aerial Object photographed near Zwischbergen, Switzerland, on July 26, 1975", Caelestia 1994.

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