IMAGE BANK is an amazing collection of images coming from artworks devoted to the UFO subject or related themes. All pictures have been scanned in full color or in quality grey levels in order to deliver the best quality possible. Comics, science-fiction novels, film posters, covers of popular magazines and UFO books are some of the main sources of this outstanding collection of remarkable visual attraction.

More than 350 (black and white/color) documents are currently available from international sources. The work is always on progress in order to make the collection more and more complete.

Main goal of such a work is the establishment of a collection of reference material which could be helpful for a future study about the iconographic representation of the UFO phenomenon throughout time. That's really a very interesting example of visual history of the UFO imagery in the popular/cultural perspective. More, it will be a source of huge value for anybody looking for visual-appealing material to be used for any UFO-related work (of course after clearing copyright fees where necessary to apply).

A preliminary selection of low-resolution images is now available on-line ! More documents will follow together with the next updates of this site.

IMAGE BANK is fed by all UFO buffs owning iconographic documents possibly interesting for such a project. Everything related to the classic image of "UFO", "flying saucer" or "extraterrestrial spacecraft" is collectible material of great hystorical value. IMAGE BANK wants to preserve such a wealth, making it later available to all serious UFO researchers. If you have images of such a kind, please send an e-mail message together with full details of each document.