INTPHOTO is an international catalogue of alleged UFO pictures, sorted by country and coming from a wide range of different sources (really a huge work of browsing an outstanding quantity of international books and magazines, besides direct contacts with plenty of researchers all around the world).

More than 800 b&w and color documents are currently available: their quality is usually not very high. The catalog has no goal to be an exhaustive collection of the whole mass of alleged UFO photographs taken in all the countries of the planet. Despite this, INTPHOTO is definitely one of the most complete collection of international UFO photographs available for research purposes.

Even though you are used to read that "a picture is worth a thousand words", UFO photographs should be taken into consideration with really a lot of doubts. Most of them are clear fakes, others portrait natural or conventional phenomena, a lot of them look highly suspicious and only a limited quantity seems really worth an in-depth study to understand what has been actually caught on film.

You may find a sample collection of international photographs, while a complete database you may query is now available for free.
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