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Italian UFO Books
Have a visit at the Gallery of (nearly) all Italian UFO books, including full color images of their front covers ! If you have a slow INTERNET connection, you are suggested to disable your browser's image loading option.

International UFO Books
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Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici has just published a special revised and updated edition of a monography (titled "BIBLIOCAT - Bibliografia Ufologica Italiana") completely devoted to the complete bibliography of all Italian books dealing with the UFO argument under different points of view.

Besides "real" ufology books there are hundreds of titles featuring a full chapter or only a sub-chapter about the once called "flying saucers". It is a very important work carefully made by Italian ufologist Marcello Pupilli with the help of some other UFO book amateurs, including an outstanding contribution by Umberto Cordier, the most important Italian fortean researcher.

Italian UFO Books on sale!
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