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International Catalog of UFO Photographs

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 Thousands of alleged UFO pictures have been taken since 1947. Even though most of them are clear fakes and most others are doubtful to say the least, their presence is definetely a very interesting issue of the complex UFO question.

UFO pictures, mostly the faked ones, provide us with an outstanding collection of popular UFO-related imagery. More, they supply tons of motifs and psychological / commercial backgrounds we can find in the whole UFO phenomenon and its treatment by media and other information vehicles.

Last but not least, some pictures could supply valuable information about real unkwnon phenomena.

Photo ArchiveINTPHOTO is an ever-growing international archive of UFO pictures collected from many sources, featuring the only purpose to establish a computer-based database of images purportedly related to what we usually call "UFO phenomena".

Here you may find a first set of pictures taken from a 800-entry database. More will follow with future upgrades of the site.

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6/1976 San Matias gulf, Argentina 12/5/1976, Rio Grande, Brazil 7/3/1975 Watanese river, Japan
No Data 21/3/1974, Varnamo, Sweden Lynn Valley, USA
No available data 15/11/1978, Goyas-Ipamari, Brazil unknown date, Spain
No available data 25/3/1950, Majorca, Spain 20/6/1978, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
7/1975 Rochdale, UK 1/1971, Charlotte, South Carolina 1/1971, Charlotte, South Carolina
2/8/1973 Tokio, Japan 12/1972, Trelleborg, Sweden UFOs seen in space ?
3/7/1967, Pigeon Lake, Canada No available data 15/11/1978, Goyas-Ipamari, Brazil

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