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These are the Italian Close Encounter cases currently available in our files for the month/year combination you have chosen.

PR. : Province
REG. : Region
K : Close Encounter Kind

(c) 1977-1999 Maurizio Verga

621218220MILANOMi3INS./N.AF.RIT CDS & IG & UNI & MES 19/12/62; TEM 22/2/63; DOMRIV Notiziario C.I.S.A.E.R. NOVITA0123.gifITA0395.gif
621219715LavenoVa0INS./N.AF.RIT SIC & AVV & UNI & AVA & GDP & LAD & Il Paese 20RIT Momento Sera & Corriere Lom

621292200BOLOGNABo3INS./N.AF.RIT SIN 30/12/62EST LUFORO BULLETIN 3: 6: 5; INITA0104.gifITA0105.gif

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