Collezione Verga - Libri esteri

Avistamientos OVNI en la Antertida en 1965

Gods in Chiariots and other fantasies

Illuminating The Darkness

Impossible Yet it happened!

La vie vent d'une intelligence supérieure

MUFON 2004 UFO Symposium Proceedings

Ovnis Et La Defense

OVNIs sur la France - L'investigation scientifique et militaire

Pseudoscience And Science Fiction

Results of a search for records concerning the 1947 crash near Roswell

Strange & Unexplained Happenings

The compelling scientific evidence for UFOs

UFO Repeaters!

UFOs. Atomkrafte und unsere Zukunft

Why modern society invented UFOs

Skyways & Landmarks revisited

Un Caso Perfecto

Close Encounters - The strange truth about UFOs

Le Dossier secret des OVNI

The Tujunga Canyon Contacts

The Source

Operation Soucoupes!

Fact or Fiction File - UFO's

The Circle Makers

The Inexplicable Sky

Firestorm: Dr. James E. McDonald's Fight for UFO Science

How to defend yourself against aliens

Worlds beyond the poles

The UFO Handbook

In Search of Extraterrestrials

The Hollow Earth Enigma

A propos des Soucoupes Volantes

Flying Saucers and the Straight-line M.

Leurs sur les Soucoupes Volantes

Los Misteriosos Platillos Volantes

Misterieux Objets Celestes

The Truth about Flying Saucers

The Truth about Flying Saucers

The Truth about Flying Saucers

The Truth about Flying Saucers

The truth about flying saucers

Lueurs sur les Soucoupes Volantes

Les Extra-Terrestres et les Mutations Mondiales de l'Ere du

Les Extra-Terrestres sont-ils parmi sous?

Platillos Volantes en Ibeoamerica y Espana

Pa sporet af ufonauten

Vital Signs

The Eye and the Camera

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