The Robert Lazar Timeline

As Assembled from Public Records and Statements

Version 1.10, October 1995

Originally released July, 1994

by Tom Mahood (

This project began as an attempt to verify Robert Lazar's story of "vanishing records". What was uncovered was not only a multitude of records, but records that portray an individual and story very much at odds with that generally accepted. Some of these records appear to contradict statements made by Lazar.

Every attempt has been made to make this document as accurate as possible. If any discrepancies are found, please direct them to the author for correction in any future versions. Likewise, if there are any readers with additional verifiable, public information, please pass it on.

What follows is a summation of statements, interviews and records, arranged in chronological order, providing the framework of what is, by anyone's definition, a most interesting life. Please note the information presented here consists ONLY of public records. While it's highly likely detailed school transcripts (for example) exist, they are considered confidential and may not be released to the general public.

The implications of Lazar's story are tremendous, and is worthy of detailed investigation. This information is being put forth as part of that effort, in the hopes it will provide researchers with areas for further study.

A question may come to mind: Could some or all of these documents have been "planted" to discredit Lazar? It is certainly possible, as most things are. However, this would have entailed tampering with many reels of microfilm. Since none of the reels exhibited any splicing in the area of Lazar's records, the only way these records could have been planted would be to replace the entire reel. Also, the master reels from which the microfilms the public uses are made, would have to also be tampered with, even though they are stored in vaults. Furthermore, some of the documents available, such as divorce proceedings, are the actual documents complete with signatures. And throughout the files, the information appears to cross-correlate completely.


In the above "OR" means Official Record of the County Recorder's office.

The dates shown reflect the precision with which they are known. Precise dates are used whenever possible.

Per Lindemann in "UFOs and The Alien Presence, 6 Viewpoints", RL has been granted patents. Areas unknown. In a personal discussion with Lindemann, I asked about the patent comment, but Lindemann was unable to recall even making the statement in his book.

Per Timothy Good, RL worked at S-4 only 6 or 7 days between December 1988 and April 1989. Per RL at Rachel-93, he flew in between 4 and 5 PM, and left by 11 PM. Therefore, his total employed hours at S-4 must be 49 hours or less, or just over the equivalent of one week's work.

Document Sources And Availability

(1) "Alien Contact" by Timothy Good, published by William Morrow and Co., 1993 (AKA "Alien Liaison")

(2) "UFOs and The Alien Presence, 6 Viewpoints" by Michael Lindemann, 1991. Published by the 2020 Group, 3463 State Street, Box 264, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

(3) Los Alamos Monitor, June 27, 1982, page A1, "LA Man Joins the Jet Set - at 200 Miles an Hour". This document is only available for on-site inspection and copying at the offices of the Monitor, 256 DP Road, Los Alamos, NM 87544. (505) 662-4185. This story has been transcribed and placed on the Internet.

(4) Las Vegas Sun, April 23, 1986, Page 8B, "Obituaries". Available on microfilm at the offices of the Sun or numerous libraries.

(5) Las Vegas Review-Journal, April 23, 1986, Page 2B, "Deaths". Available on microfilm at the offices of the R- J or numerous libraries.

(6) Las Vegas Review-Journal, June 19, 1990, Page 8B, "Source in Channel 8's UFO series pleads guilty to pandering charge". Available on microfilm at the offices of the R-J or numerous libraries.

(7) Las Vegas Review-Journal, August 21, 1990, Page 2C, "Judge gives UFO `witness' Lazar probation on pandering charge". Available on microfilm at the offices of the R- J or numerous libraries.

(8) "UFO's, The Best Evidence", video by George Knapp. Available from "Video Dave" at the UFO Audio-Video Clearing House, PO Box 342, Yucaipa, CA 92399, (909) 795- 3361. Call for details and prices.

(9) "The Lazar Tape", video by Tri-Dot Productions, 1324 S. Eastern, Las Vegas, NV 89104. This tape had been available at a price of $29.95 + $3.50 S&H. A newer, slightly more expensive version with enhanced production values is the final stages.

(10) Public records, Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorder/Clerk's office., 12400 E. Imperial Highway, Norwalk, CA. (Marriage certificates are $13 each,: 310 462-2137) (Real estate documents are $2 for the 1st page and $0.50 for each page thereafter: 310 462- 2133)

(11) Public records, Clark County Recorder's office, 309 S. 3rd Street, (or PO Box 551510) Las Vegas, NV 89155- 1510. (702) 455-4336. Cost for Official Records is $1.00 per page. Certified marriage certificates are $7.00.

(12) Public records, Clark County Clerk's office, 200 S. 3rd Street (or PO Box 551601) Las Vegas, NV 89155- 1601.(702) 455-4411. Cost varies per document. Call.

(13) Public records, Case BK 86-01623, US Federal Bankruptcy Court, Las Vegas.(702) 388-6257. Cost for bankruptcy papers is a $25.00 retrieval fee and about $8.00 for copying the roughly 120 pages of information.

(14) Public question and answer session by RL on May 1, 1993 at Rachel, Nevada. "Bob Lazar at The Ultimate UFO Seminar" transcript available from Glenn Campbell, HCR Box 38, Rachel, NV 89001. Cost is $8.00 plus $2.00 postage (Overseas airmail is $5.00).

(15) Personal correspondence with Stanton Friedman, dated June 27, 1994. Quoted with permission.

(16) Documentation of Glenn Campbell's search for RL's records and instructor at MIT is available from him at HCR Box 38, Rachel, NV 89001. Include $1.00 for copying and postage (This info is included as part of reference 14).

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Html taken from Rachel, Nevada. 3/12/95 and augmented by Tom Mahood, October 1995