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Maurizio Verga's picture composition

Maurizio Verga, 1998, Las Vegas

Maurizio Verga, 1998, San Francisco
He was born in Como, Italy (next to the Swiss border) in 1963.

In 1976 he started his interest in ufology, soon becoming extremely active. Since then he published a lot of articles on Italian and international UFO or UFO-related magazines, including leading names such as "Flying Saucer Review", "MUFON UFO Journal", "Magonia", "Lumieres Dans La Nuit", "Inforespace", "Perspectivas Ufologicas" and many others.

As an enquirer, he investigated some local cases, including a few close encounters and produced a general catalogue of UFO sightings from the province where he lives.

After a long activity in a national group, he founded in late 1985 (together with other leading Italian UFO researchers) the Italian Center for UFO Studies (C.I.S.U., Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici), soon turned into the best organized and most respected Italian UFO association worldwide.

Since 1984 he has been one of the pioneers in proposing and developing computer-based applications for UFO research. Starting with Commodore 64 microcomputers and the establishment of the Italian Computer UFO Network (a team of UFO buffs working together mainly in order to store UFO sightings data on digital media), he then switched to Personal Computers, where he got extensive knowledges in image processing.

Besides managing his catalogues on computer, he started also analysis of alleged UFO pictures, as well as the very first trials of spreading UFO information through the new online technologies. In 1987 he started the  first European UFO BBS. One year earlier he produced the very first issue of "The Computer UFO Newsletter", the only publication completely devoted to computer applications for UFO research. After some issues, the Newsletter was discountinued, likely because ahead of its time.

He has been a contributor to UFO anthologies such as "UFOs 1947-1987", "Phenomena" and "OVNI: vers une anthropologie d'un mythe contemporain". He also attented several UFO congress in Italy and Europe, usually presenting papers devoted to his research activities.

Since early 1995 he has been exploring INTERNET services in order to evaluate their possible use in UFO research. In the very first months of 1996 he started UFO ONLINE, soon become one of the largest WWW sites of its kind available on the Net.

Maurizio Verga, 1998, Golden Gate bridge

Maurizio Verga, 1998, Santa Monica

Maurizio Verga, 1998, Sausalito
His current Internet-related engagements:

Webmaster of the UFO ONLINE site.
Webmaster of  German Secret Weapons site.
Co-Webmaster of the CISU ONLINE site.
Internet Manager of  C.I.S.U.

On behalf of CISU he developed earlier research projects and started new ones:

ITACAT (the Catalogue of Italian Close Encounters, published as a Monograph in two editions)
TRACAT (the Catalogue of Italian Trace Cases, published as a Monograph in three editions)
PHOTOCAT (the Catalogue of Italian cases with photo or video evidence)
Other interests:

* Space Exploration
* Aviation (odd and experimental aircrafts)
* World War II (mainly 1944-1945)
* Atomic Tests
* Science-Fiction Movies

Maurizio Verga
via Matteotti 85
22072 Cermenate (Como)

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Among his further UFO-related interests:

the Nazi UFOs legend (see the German Secret Weapons site run by himself)
Secret German Weapons of WWII (see the German Secret Weapons site run by himself)
Mars and Moon alleged artifacts
Conspiracies linked to UFOs